Hivane Network - AS34019

Network informations

Transits are either offered to AS34019 or subject to specific service exchanges.
Since we do not have any profit coming from our activities, our ressources are quite limited. This bandwidth is used for 100% legal projects.

We're happy to be able to join DE-CIX in march 2014, one year after joining AMS-IX thanks to Liazo's DE-CIX Remote peering offer.

If you can offer some bandwidth to Hivane (for example if you have more downstream than upstream traffic, a huge-peered network, busy hours different from ours, or under commit), network services such as MPLS links, or colo, do not hesitate to contact us.
You can reach us on IRC, on Geeknode, #hivane, or by e-mail (see footer).

We are present at the following facilities:

Featured projects

Hosting policy

Hivane offers DNS / MX / WWW services to non-for-profit projects.
Any content hosted in Hivane Network has to be completely legal, and its purpose has to be agreed by our staff. If you feel you can meet our prerequisites, contact us to present your project and needs.

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