Hivane Network - AS34019

Peering details

Hivane Networks maintains a (very) open peering policy.
If you wish to peer with us, please send us an email, so we could configure the session.

All our transits are offered to AS34019, peering is just an mean for us to be as independant as possible from 3rd parties, and to have the best quality for our routes. We do not have any profit coming from our activities, and all the bandwidth is used with 100% legal issues.

If you can offer some bandwidth to Hivane (for example if you have more downstream than upstream traffic, a huge-peered network, busy hours different from ours, or under commit), please contact us.

Hivane AS34019 Peering Details

ASN: 34019
MD5: none by default
Max-Prefix: 100 (IPv4) / 50 (IPv6)
In-Out-Ratio: 1/2
Peering contact: peering (at)
NOC email: noc (at)
Abuse contact: abuse (at)
Phone: See RIPE objects referenced by AS34019
Policy: Open

Connecteded IX list:

IX Name IPv4IPv6TypePOP
ParIX 2, Paris (FR)
Equinix PA2, St-Denis (FR)
FranceIX 2, Courbevoie (FR)
Sfinx 2, Paris (FR)
Ams-IX 5, Amsterdam (NL)
DE-CIX 7, Frankfurt (DE)
LyonIX, Venissieux (FR)
FR-IX75 2, Paris (FR)
FranceIX-MRS Network MAR02, Marseille (FR)
TOP-IX France-IX Paris Telehouse2 (FR)
LU-cix France-IX Paris Telehouse2 (FR)
Lillix Via Eurafibre, Lille (FR)
SwissIX Rumlang via IP-Max, Zurich (CH)
BNIX Brussels via Verixi, Brussels (CH)